Solutions for a Connected World

Consumers can manage everything from their homes to their cars and even the personal health simply through their mobiles.

Internet of Things is the network of physical objects implanted with software to enable greater connectivity and value by exchanging data with other connected devices within the existing Internet infrastructure.

The 3 entities that will use the Internet of Things and are going to benefit the most from this are Governments, Businesses and Consumers.

Governments of the 21st century will be driven by data, to make the cities cleaner, safer and more environment friendly for their citizens. Smart Cities will be those which put n place data driven solutions to some of the key problems that citizens face, in Transportation, Health, Disaster Management, etc.

Businesses can improve their efficiency and quality through real time monitoring, predictive analytics and smart actions. This is achieved by making every physical asset a smart asset and building software solutions to collect, analyze and recommend smart data driven actions.

Consumers can manage everything from their homes to their cars and even the personal health simply through their mobiles. This is possible only if all the devices they interact with are connected and talk to each other and exchange important data.

We are building an end-to-end suite of solutions for the connected data driven world.

Today if you have a business in Mumbai, you can run it when you’re in Tokyo or while you’re 30,000 feet in the air.

That’s the sheer power of technology enabled business mobility! You don’t have to be glued to your desk, your office chair or even your laptop – when all you need is your smartphone or android and access to a network.

When do you feel empowered? The answer is simple – when you have total control. We’ve successfully built our networks, platforms and apps to not only integrate your business across multiple levels, but also facilitate complete access so you’re always in control.

We work closely with customers to build amazing experiences for their users across iOS, Android, Mobile Web and across various devices.

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.

Mass data which too often seems incomprehensible presents an abundance of opportunity if utilized with the right expertise and tools. Writing algorithms and making them usable for your business is just one of the infinite possibilities we can facilitate.

When you go for your annual health check-up, the minute you confirm your identification, the hospital system pulls up your entire history – your tests, reports, results, prognosis, prescriptions and procedures. Intelligent and advanced systems are able to compound and collate data into diagnostic patterns and trends – enabling your customers to benefit from smooth, efficient and speedy interactions.

Why turn to us when it comes to data management? Because we can:

  • Handle large data sources
  • Translate these sources to a knowledge base
  • Leverage this base to increase your business’ potential
  • Reduce costs for your business and achieve a larger impact